About the Azores

Azores, discovered by portuguese people in the fifteenth century, located at the most westerly point of Europe and it’s an archipelago created by volcanic activity, which originated mountains and rocky areas with admirable and unique vegetation. That way were born deep lakes and large headwaters.

It's situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and consists of nine beautiful islands, each with its natural beauty, both on land and at sea, which allows the visualization of natural species of the Azores. The predominant colors are the green from the hills, the blue from the sky and the sea and the black from the rocks and the sand.

The residents of the islands are known for their simple way of life and the love that they feel about living in their paradise, that's why they receive so well the islands visitors.


Whaling Tradition

The Azores had in the eighteenth century a whaling tradition that consisted of whale hunting. Between the America and Europe whales made their way where they were captured by Americans who saw this animal as a source of wealth and by Azoreans who joined them in order to raise some more money, once they passed many economic needs at the time. With the expanding of tradition, the whaling industry has become one of the largest economic sectors in the Azores.

Whaling today can look easy, but 3 centuries ago it wasn’t. It was necessary to know how to use some mechanisms and strategies and so those who had knowledge of this art transmitted it to their families. So it was extending that tradition from island to island.

Instead of seeking the whales directly into the sea, they made it ashore through look-outs with long range binoculars in high places where they were able to catch sight of the sea even quite far from the coast.

Despite limited resources, the men could in small sailing boats, reach the whales at sea and capture them.

After many years hunting this cetacean, the expected happened: some species began to disappear. The decline of this large animal number in the seas has become a global concern which led to the whaling ban in our country although still occur this practice elsewhere in the world.

We proceeded to the re-use of the means used before in this industry: the lookouts to detect whales and go hunting them have become in portholes to locate them and then be observed in sightseeing by companies licensed to do so, and the whaling boats are now used as sports boats. So what we did was make the whaling hunting tradition in the peaceful whale watching.

Meet the Team

Our company is called SeaBottom because our special boat: it has a glass bottom that allows the observation of what is under the water.

The company exists since 2008, but in May 2016 acquired a new management. It is now owned by a family - an Azorean couple with two children connected to the sea from a very young age.

The current owner of the company, and also skipper, has a great passion for the sea and during the journey does everything so passengers can have fun and enjoy. He loves animals and is always very careful when he sees them.

With adventurous spirit we decided to embark on this dream to give people the experience of seeing the species in their natural habitat, both above and below the sea surface. We believe that this pearl of the Atlantic, that is our archipelago, should be shared with all who desire and are willing to preserve it.

As a small company we only have one boat with capacity for 20 people, which allows a more personalized service between clients and employees from marking until the course of the trip. Our team at sea consists of a skipper and a marine biologist who are available to accompany people, help them and answer any questions.

We value respect both by customers and by co-workers, as well as all marine species sighted. Your comfort and safety are part of our priorities. What we aspire is that in the end of the trip our customers are satisfied and stay with memories for life.

If you are interested in knowing the creatures living in the sea come with us!



See cetaceans is only part of the fun, there are many creatures yet to see from the bottom of our boat and wonderful landscapes.

For everyone to have a pleasant trip, our biologist begins by making a briefing with essential explanations for the proper functioning of the tour. Our customers will be informed of the main safety rules and how proceeds the trip.

As we see the species our biologist explain what creature is it, what it eats, when mating, if it's rare or not see it, among other curiosities.

We are at a safe distance from animals, for good observation and photographs capture is possible.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

The dolphins are wild, but they are also very playful. Endowed with great intelligence and good humor are great to interact with humans and when they feel a far boat they show themselves through their jumps out of water. When whales jump they only show a part of his giant body. Those free and beautiful animals can be seen up close by you in our boat.

There are many species of cetaceans sighted at different periods in the Azores: some living here, others are just passing through.

The residents cetaceans most viewed throughout the year are the sperm whale, common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. However, the sperm whale is often seen at the hottest times, as well as the spotted dolphin and pilot whale.

Especially in Spring, it can be seen blue whale, common whale, sei whale and minke whale. Sometimes orcas are seen.

However, the passage of different species by our seas throughout the year depend on the quantity and quality of food, migration routes, winds and currents, among other things.

See The Bottom of the Ocean

Our boat, different from the usual, allows everyone to see the bottom of the sea. It is true that what is above water is beautiful, but what's underneath is fantastic. We can see different creatures, that without the bottom of this boat would not be possible. Prepare to meet the different shades of blue of the sea, the fishes that live beneath us, algae clinging to centuries-old rocks. Discover the secrets that are hidden in the Azorean sea.

Take a Dive

Apart from seeing the animals up water, you can see them under water not only through our glass bottom but even going into the water.

We give you the chance to dive into the crystal waters of the Azores near or far from the coast. Jump to the sea of the Atlantic and enjoy a unique feeling that you will certainly want to repeat.

Choose our Company

1º Reason

We stand out from our comfortable boat ready for adults, children, babies , the elderly, pregnant women and people with mental or motor disabilities

5º Reason

Here, according to your preferences, the ability to go in an indoor location (sheltered and dry) or outdoors to experience with splashes of the sea. We have seats for all passengers and it is possible to walk around inside the boat.

9º Reason

We remain connected to our customers through our facebook page and website, so if you went/will go on one of our trips pay attention to our social networks because you may appear there

2º Reason

We believe in a personalized service and close customer quality, whether you are alone, with family or friends

6º Reason

We always try to improve the service we offer to the customer

10º Reason

We take with us on the trip guides with images of different possible species to be spotted so we can explain to you their body characteristics through illustrations, in other words, it isn't just a funny trip, but a educational tour too

3º Reason

We like to share with those who do not know our sea why we are passionate about it

7º Reason

We hope that the ride is as pleasant for the passenger as we would like for ourselves

11º Reason

We give the opportunity to snorkel with our diving masks

4º Reason

We fight for a sustainable and responsible tourism towards the sea itself and the species so that they are not disturbed, so that possible to future generations can enjoy the beauty of the Azores as us. We encourage our customers to practice an eco-tourism with low environmental impact

8º Reason

We have a qualified team with knowledge of the local fauna and flora, as well as the coast of the island (marine biologists, skippers and watchmen);

12º Reason

We have a toilet on board

We Recommend

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Warmer coat (for fresh air on the high seas)
  • Snack
  • Sunscreen
  • Pill for seasickness, if you need


We care about the safety not only of marine creatures as our passengers and we reserve the right to cancel any trip due to weather and sea conditions if we determine that may endanger your and our safety. If your reservation is canceled, you can choose another date.


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